Play Time! Using deformers in Toon Boom Harmony

In-between teaching classes the past couple of days, I’ve been messing around with the deformers in toon boom harmony. It is a really cool process once you get the hang of it. I have barely scratched the surface of all of its intricate functions, but I’m excited to learn more about this process. I’ve seen several animated television shows using it, so ii can be a useful tool to have under my belt. Here is that quick test!

Cameraless Animation: Scratch on Film

I’m currently teaching a class called Selected Topics in Animation. It consists of exploring non-traditional forms of animation, one of which is cameraless. For this process, you scratch on black coated sheets of acetate in order to create frames of animation. Once done, you scan in the images and sequence them in photoshop. Here is a little test I did for an in-class demonstration.