Electric Boy and Spark Pugs!

Spark pugsWork  in progressFinal productSeveral months ago after exploring Pinterest, I was inspired to create some cut paper illustrations. Some good friends of mine decided to move to Texas, so I decided to make a little cutout illustration of their son and my dog to give them as a going away gift. The story behind the illustration is their son once said “Mom, I can’t sit still, I’m Electricty!” We all thought it was hilarious, and these pictures are the results. Introducing Electric Boy and Spark Pugs!

JUICED! 2013

Hey all–

It has been just about 24 hours since I worked with my buddy Ajay (The Devil’s Garage) on an animation for JUICED! JUICED! is a 24 hr animation competition held in collaboration with the Citrus Cel Animation Film Festival.

It was quite a fun, interesting, and extremely draining challenge. Working from 2 different time zones, assisting students, hosting/running the event, and trying to work on your own animation in 24 hrs…INSANITY! Here are the characters I designed for the project, and a few of the layout I created as well.